© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 12866597: Twisted Vinyard Foothill Life        slide show
Living in the Sierra foothills gives the local photgrapher's plenty picture taking options from vineyards, gold rush towns, waterfalls, and even some snowfall.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 15277375: Hobbit 1 Hobbits        slide show
We recently took a tour of the Hobbit movie set, about an hours drive from Rotorua. A truly unique place, especially if your a photographer.
Special thanks to Bee for the private tour and everything you ever wanted to know about Hobbits and movie magic. A really COOL place.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 12764787: Grillin Hot Rods        slide show
Classic cars and Hot Rods have a landscape all their own.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 12764875: Coliseum Italy        slide show
Images from Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast are some the area's we love to visit. I've also included the village of Amelia, where we spend time with friends.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 15278107: New Zealand countryside New Zealand        slide show
We found New Zealand to be a beautifully photogenic country with many diverse landscapes.
Here you"ll find a small sampling of what we found on our journey.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 12203663: Pacific Grove Pacfic Coast        slide show
Considered by many to be the most beautiful coastline in the world, The Pacific coast offers everything from the cliffs of Big Sur, the quiet of Pacific Grove and Monterey Bay, to the often foggy and rainy north coast of California and beyond to Oregon.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 13415127: Morning magic Tetons / Yellowstone        slide show
Most of these images were taken while I was participating in a photography workshop. I highly recommend to anyone these workshops if you would like to improve your photographic skills.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 15065318: Steptoe Butte The Palouse        slide show
This farming community located in the southeastern part of Washington has been compared to Tuscany for the similar rolling landscape. Sunrise shots are your best bet as the light and shadows give you a great perspective.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 9481829: Pristine Tahoe The Sierras        slide show
While living just about an hour away from Lake Tahoe, the Sierras I would consider to be in my backyard. Photographers from all over travel the Sierras to capture the immense diversity. Images include Lake Tahoe, Bodie, Mono Lake, and Alabama Hills.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 13415131: Jelly Fish # 2 This and That        slide show
Just what the title implies.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 12448797: MESA ARCH Utah        slide show
Anyone who has visited Utah comes back with a sense of they just returned from another planet. Picture taking here is abundant and the need to go back is a must.

© Mark  Schneider PhotoID# 9709015: Yosemite's Beacon Yosemite        slide show
Just a couple hours drive from home, Yosemite is a well photographed National Park. While the summer months can be very crowded with tourist, Fall and winter get's the attention of tripod wielding photographers.


© Mark Schneider

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